Here are a few links to various pages that could be useful to a person in our club or a person who wants to learn how to play Skat.

Learning Tools

Skat Glossary

An assortment of terms used by players to describe events during the game.

How to Play Skat
According to

International Skat Forum
An international forum where people discuss skat. You can get help there if our members can't solve your problem. You can also get tips from some of the best skat players in the world!

SKAT-Link The Ultimate Card Game
A boxed set by Ron Link, multi-time North American Champion, teaching about the basic rules of Skat and some simple strategy.

Skat Software

ProSkat for iPhone and iPad
A free app for playing skat.

Skat Software for PC, Mac, and iOS
Free download on the PC and Mac, and $5 on the App Store. Good CPUs that help a developing player. Also on the App Store is the same developers' scorekeeping app called 'Skat Liste'. It works well as a scorekeeping app.

The International Skat Server(ISS)
A Java GUI you can play skat on with computers or other players that keeps track of your average.

Our Sponsors

Das Schnitzel Haus
The venue that hosted our tournament last November and is going to host our tournament this November. Great food in a quaint environment.

The Cleveland Card Game Players
Another European Card Game group here in Cleveland organized by Gary Brunger, who is our main supplier for cards. They play Skat as well as some other German games like Schafkopf, Sheepshead, Schieberamsch, etc., and also card games from other European countries like Spain, Italy, France, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

Other Skat Clubs

Canadian Skat Clubs
Various Skat Clubs in Canada

American Skat Clubs
Various Skat Clubs in the USA

Tournament Play Help

The International Skat Order(ISO)
All of the rules enforced during tournament play. We follow these rules as well.

PDF's of the 3 player, 4 player, and 5 player scoresheets.

Skat Glossary
Some of the common phrases used by players in tournaments.