CSC Forums

Welcome to the CSC Forums! To create a topic in one of the 2 regular forums, follow the link and there will be a button linking to where you can create a new topic. You can also reply to existing topics in the page of the topic itself. However, to do either of these things, you must be logged in to the site.

Regular Forums


Discuss anything you want with other members of the club.

Playing Tips

Ask questions about specific instances or general questions about the game and get answers from one of our other experienced players.

Reply-Only Forums

Club News

News about new things happening in the club, updates on upcoming events, or any other club-related information that members should know.

Spiel of the Month

Every month, we recap the most interesting hand that was played during that month and go into detail about how it was handled and what you could learn about strategy from this specific showcase of good playing.

Event Brainstorming

An administrator will suggest an idea for an upcoming event and what we will do at that event, and receive feedback from the rest of the club about whether or not they would want to go or even be available to attend.